Family run
Design Studio
based in Tuscany.

Family run
Design Studio
based in Tuscany.


Sandro Bessi was born in Florence in 1960. He carried out his studies at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts and in 1985 he started his own design studio in Tuscany. Lucia Aristei was born in Florence in 1961 and since 1985 she started working in her husband's studio as head of administration, editorial graphics, and customer support. Sandro Bessi has been a member of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and BEDA (Bureau of European Design Association) and co-founder of AD Toscana.

The mission of BessiStudio is to provide its clients with the most accurate service regarding design, product development and production. The Studio specialization is based on more than 30 years of continuous experience in crystal, glass, and porcelain, machine-made or hand-made giftware, tableware, and accessories.

Selected Clients

  • Italy
  • Cristalleria Colle
  • Cristalleria RCR
  • Scotton Disney
  • Profumi del Forte
  • Argenesi

  • Japan
  • Soga Glass
  • Turkey
  • Pasabahce

  • Iran
  • Jahan Glass

  • USA
  • Caggiati-Matthews

  • China
  • FLW and Wise Rising Porcelain
  • Shandong Huapeng Glass Co.